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Why people love Year 2049

Some kind words from anonymous readers.

"The clear, relatable, humourous and thoughtful way you wrote this - good to see an article about AI that doesn't provoke anxiety!"
"How easy it was to follow. I didn't think this would be possible for a noob like me to pull off."
"Very compact and straight to the point without fluff"

Meet Fawzi

I started Year 2049 to help people understand, embrace, and adapt to the emerging technologies shaping our future.

Human Factors + AI Engineering: I specialized in human factors and AI engineering which means I know how to make technology work for us.

7+ years of UX Design: I've been designing and launching digital products for companies in tech, banking, and e-commerce, while also building my own products.

125,000+ Followers: I make educational videos about AI and other emerging tech on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Where you can find me:

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